The winner of the 2011 Servier/UIP (Union Internationale de Phlébologie) Research Fellowship is Doctor Győző SZOLNOKY


Every 2 years, the Servier/UIP Research Fellowship provides a €25 000 grant for a 2-year research project consisting of original clinical or basic research in the areas of phlebology and lymphology, including the following topics: anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, and clinical research.

Review of the proposals submitted and selection of the best candidate are carried out by a committee of internationally recognized specialists in the field of phlebolymphology, including the president of the UIP.

Doctor Győző SZOLNOKY from HUNGARY has been awarded the 2011 Research Fellowship of the Union Internationale de Phlébologie (UIP) funded by Servier to carry out a research program during two years.


Doctor Győző SZOLNOKY

The research project entitled “The role of innate immunity in venous leg ulcer healing” took its roots when the winner noticed that unlike healing of acute wounds, most non healing, chronic wounds fail to progress through the normal phases of wound repair, and instead remain in a chronic inflammatory state. He thought that continuous high ambulatory venous pressure itself does not fully explain the production of venous leg ulcers (VLUs). It is acknowledged that chronic venous insufficiency causes a cascade of inflammation and tissue demolition with a sudden microbial colonization. Immulogical intervention in chronic wound healing has not received much attention and most available studies related to this mechanism are dedicated to the measurement of either pro-inflammatory cytokine or antimicrobial peptide level and their expression. He proposes that polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNLs) from patients with VLUs have reduced Candida killing ability, and that the expression of pro inflammatory cytokines/chemokines is elevated. To test this hypothesis, the reseach aims to 1) measure Candida killing activity as a general assessment of PMNL function and 2) determine the expression of proinflammatory cytokines/chemokines.

The research project was presented during the European Chapter Meeting of the UIP, held in Prague, Czech Republic from September 14 to 17, 2011. The final results of the research will be unveiled at the next World Meeting of the UIP in Boston, USA, on September 8-14, 2013 and then submitted for publication in an international indexed journal.