2011 Jean Delay Prize Winner: Professor Kenneth S. Kendler, USA



In 1999, the Jean Delay Prize was established to honor distinguished scientists who have made a major contribution to clinical, biological, and social aspects of psychiatry or who have built bridges between these fields. It is awarded every 3 years by the World Psychiatric Association and supported by Servier. It is named after Jean Delay, a distinguished French psychiatrist who was the president of the first World Congress of Psychiatry (Paris, 1950).

This year’s winner is Professor Kenneth S. Kendler, USA, who will receive the prize from Professor Mario Maj, President of the World Psychiatric Association, during the opening ceremony of the 15th World Congress of Psychiatry in Buenos Aires, on September 18, 2011.

Professor Kendler was chosen by the Prize Committee as the best candidate to represent the spirit of Professor Jean Delay. He is an American psychiatrist best known for his pioneering research in psychiatric genetics, particularly the genetic causes of schizophrenia. He is one of the most frequently cited psychiatry researchers.

Professor Kenneth Kendler will deliver on this occasion a plenary lecture entitled “Psychiatric genetics: an empirical and conceptual overview”.

The previous Jean Delay Prize Winners are:

      • 1999 Mr David Goldberg, UK
      • 2002 Prof Hagop Akiskal, USA
      • 2005 Prof Otto Steenfeldt-Foss, Norway
      • 2008 Prof Hans-Jurgen Möller, Germany