Renewal and extension of the collaborative contract between Servier and Genepep for the development of chemical protein synthesis


Paris, June 4, 2012: Following the signing in March 2010 of the initial collaborative contract for the chemical synthesis of small proteins, Servier gave a new show of confidence in Genepep by signing an extended collaborative contract.

Thanks to the initial encouraging results obtained with native synthesis of mutated marked proteins using two preotein types, the contract has now been extended to 5 other proteins and their analogues, in sizes reaching 250 aa.

"Today, proteins are produced biologically using a recombinant system for the expression of heterologous proteins. This method, however, does not allow, for example, the incorporation of selective aminoacids (marked, exotic, etc.) or the production of unstable proteins. These limitations are a barrier to the understanding of certain crucial physiological processes and to the development of new therapeutically useful molecules. These limitations need to be overcome, and Genepep has been aiming for several years to use chemistry for the production of useful molecules. The initial success of this programme and the renewal and extension of this contract for such an ambitious and innovative project has reinforced our confidence in the choice of Genepep's straegy", declared Karine Puget, CEO of Genepep, who added, "It was important for us to have, in this project, a visionary scientific partner who was prepared to take risks. Servier, with whom we have worked for a long time, stepped up the plate, showing once again their high-level involvment in innovation and in support of French biotech companies."

"On the basis of the first results obtained, it was obvious that we needed to pursue and enlarge this collaboration with Genepep. The experimental implications of this programme are of utmost importance in the development of new experimental tools and/or innovative therapies," specified Jean A. Bouton, PhD, head of the biotechnology and molecular and cellular pharmacology unit of the Servier Research Institute.

Genepep, under the direction of Karine Puget, PhD, has been specialized for more than 9 years in peptide chemistry: peptides, peptide combinatorial libraries, chemical protein synthesis - all innovative tools for therapeutic, diagnostic and cosmetologic applications. Genepep is working with many academic and private laboratories. The company is supported by the Research Ministry and the Languedoc-Roussillon region.