Servier launches Cardiological, a mobile medical application to understand cardiovascular diseases



Suresnes, 03rd July 2014  – Servier announces the launch of Cardiological, a mobile application for doctors to help patients better understand their cardiovascular disease.

Therapeutic patient education starts by the patients understanding of the disease they are suffering from. It conditions therapeutic compliance.

Olivier Gryson, head of the Digital Communication Division at Servier said: « it is important for patients to understand their condition, and the type of intervention they will face.

We have created Cardiological to facilitate the dialogue between the doctor and their patients. We wanted to design a mobile, easy-to-use, and very visual tool.”

Cardiological consists of 11 3D videos of excellent quality that cover numerous fields in cardiology:

-          Angina pectoris,

-          Aortic stenosis

-          Atrial fibrillation

-          Congestive heart failure

-          Myocardial infarction

-          Cardiac catheterization

-          Hypertension

-          Ischemic stroke

-          Normal sinus rhythm

-          Pulmonary embolism

Cardiological is available free of charge in many countries on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.