Servier Canada invests $10M in two research projects supported by the Partnership Fund for an Innovative, Healthy Quebec


Laval (Montreal) February 14, 2014 : Two major projects in clinical research conducted by the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) and the Research Centre of the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CR-CHUM) have been selected to receive financial support from the Quebec government. The announcement was made official today by the Premier of Quebec, Ms Pauline Marois, the Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr Nicolas Marceau and the Minister of International Relations, Mr. Jean-François Lisée and the Minister for Industrial Policy and the Banque de Développement Economique du Quebec, Ms Elaine Zakaib, during their visit to the Montreal Heart Institute.

The first project, named ARTERIA, includes a section that focuses on heart rate. It was developed by Prof Jean-Claude Tardif’s team at the MHI in collaboration with Servier researchers. It is based on the concept that a heart rate less than 70 beats per minute in patients with coronary disease could reduce atherosclerotic plaque instability. This international project conceived in Montreal is based on advanced medical imaging technology and will be used in fifteen countries around the world.  ARTERIA will enable us to offer a more personalized treatment with effective and individual care helping to save more lives.  ‟For over fifteen years, we have worked with the MHI, one of the largest cardiology centers in North America. Thirteen clinical trials were conducted and the results were published in internationally renowned scientific journals.” highlighted Dr Emmanuel Canet, President of D Servier R&D.

The second project concerns an avant-garde diagnostic platform called OPTI-THERA.
Servier Canada collaborates with the team of Prof Pavel Hamet, Canada Research Chair, Predictive Genomics and Prof Jacques Turgeon, Director of Research at the CHUM.  Future approaches in a number of diseases will be able to target a precise patient profile, contributing again to personalized medical treatment. The OPTI-THERA platform will combine genetic factors, biomarkers, and clinical signs that will determine, in an accurate manner, the level of risk of a patient in disease progression or level of risk of drug interactions.

This collaboration between Servier Canada and CR-CHUM will focus on the renal complications of diabetes. ‟We will be able to better predict which patients are likely to suffer kidney damage due to their diabetes or their hypertension, and to better treat them or allow earlier detection. ” explains Prof Pavel Hamet.

An investment of $ 10M for Servier Canada

I am pleased to see teams of Quebec researchers strengthen their collaboration with the Servier Research Group. I myself exported this knowledge during my long career at Servier’s Group, notably as Vice-President of International Development.” says Dr Tremblay-Servier, born in Quebec, graduated from the University of Montreal, Founder of Servier Canada in 1978 and at the core of Servier’s international influence.

Both projects are public-private partnerships.  They are  supported by the Partnership Fund for an innovative, Healthy Quebec. In its efforts to invest in R&D, Servier Canada's initial $10M investment in the two projects will result in a total of nearly $20 million, financing two major projects and two Montreal research teams: MHI and CR-CHUM.

As per Mr Frédéric Fasano, CEO of Servier Canada, ‟These investments are in line with our development strategy in Canada. They are equivalent to 12.8 % of our revenue, which corresponds to $26 million, reinvested during the year 2012 in research. In 2013, we invested $16.3 million in the creation of a center of excellence in clinical research. In 2014, two projects of public-private partnerships to the tune of $10M are confirmed.

About Servier Canada

Servier Research Group is an independent pharmaceutical group, with more than 22 000 employees around the world, including 3 000 in R&D, and is present in over 140 countries.

Servier achieved sales revenue of EUR 4,2 billion  for the year 2013. Organized as a foundation, and deeply committed to research, it reinvests a large portion of its sales in the research and development of innovative medications.

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