New Winner of the UIP/Servier Research Fellowship


Every 2 years, the Union Internationale de Phlébologie (UIP) / Servier Research Fellowship provides a €25 000 grant for a 2-year research project consisting of original clinical or basic research in the areas of phlebology and lymphology, including the following topics: anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, and clinical research.

The 2013 UIP/Servier Fellowship was awarded to Markus Fokou (Cameroon) at the World Congress of the UIP in September 2013 (Boston, USA), during which he presented his work:
“Chronic venous disorders of the lower limbs in sub-Saharan African Setting: A Hospital – based study in Cameroon”.

The next grant will be awarded at the World Congress of the UIP in 2015 (Seoul, Korea).